“Pools built to last,” has been at the heart of Pyramid Pools Inc. for the 22 years we've been in business. Founded in 1992 by Terese- owner/president and Marty Bingisser- owner/secretary. Pyramid Pools is proud to say we have been a small family run business from the day we opened. We are a full service construction company that offers complete commercial and residential swimming pool and spa services to mainly the Seattle greater area, but also in the entire state of Washington.


 Renovations, Service, and Maintenance

Renovations by nature are loud and messy. Pool and spa renovations can be complicated as well as delicate. Pyramid Pools has been perfecting the renovation process since 1992. We recognize challenges that renovations present as opposed to the building of a new pool. Think, for example, of a house renovation. If you are trying to replace a new floor on top of an existing floor you must ensure that the foundation is still solid, the floor is level, and the corners are square. If this is not the case you must first remedy these issues before you rebuild. It is similar and perhaps more complicated when dealing with pool and spa renovations. Be assured that we consider ourselves experts in virtually every facet of pool and spa renovation. We are steadfast when standing by our commitment to deliver the highest quality product and service during the renovation process.

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Owners and Crew

Terese and Marty

Terese and Marty

The perfect team — To maintain a quality and responsible pool and spa construction our employees must possess an ample and rare combination of skills. We require the expertise and skills of masons, plasterers, concrete workers, excavators, good old fashioned manual laborers, plumbers, and electricians just to name a few. Each of these skills in combination is invaluable and takes a lifetime to master. Our employees' commitment to their trade, and subsequently our company, is what makes our business a success.

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Custom Design

The construction of a custom pool, spa, concrete deck/ wall, or other water feature; is a true work of art. Pyramid Pools perpetually looks forward to every opportunity we have to help create an original vision. We guarantee you will find no other company more honored and devoted to guiding you through the entire experience. 

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